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Double Sided PTH PCB Manufacturer
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Double Sided PTH PCB Supplier
Double Sided PTH PCB
Double Sided PTH PCB

Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards that we offer are individual PCBs that are stepped up onto a bigger panel, tooled with fiducially marks to assist assembly and bridged or scored so boards can be freed from the panel.
These boards are fabricated using latest technology in a variety of track widths and thicknesses. Further, their durable construct makes these boards highly applicable in connecting electronic components with mechanical support.
It allows many PCBs to be manufactured at once and also means many PCBs can be assembled together that reduces the process time.

Production Capability:

  • Board Thickness                     : 0.60-3.20mm
  • Minimum Track Width              : 6 mils
  • Minimum Conductor Spacing   : 0.175mm
  • Minimum Hole Size                   : 0.5mm
  • Platted Copper Thickness       : 25-35 microns
  • Minimum Slot Width                 : 0.80 mm


Copper Clad Laminate Grade: FR-4, RT Droid
Copper Clad Thickness: 18um, 35um, 70um

 Surface Finish: 

Photo image able Solder Mask: Yes
Immersion Tin: Yes


Double Sided PTH PCB in Ghaziabad
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