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Membrane Keypad

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Membrane Keyboard Manufacturer              Membrane Keyboard Manufacturer

We are expert manufacturers and suppliers of Membrane Key Pad with Flexible circuit. These are also a type of label, which may be utilized as control panel overlay upon diverse set of machines, membrane key pad label, name plates and home appliances in the form of overlays.Membrane Keypad market we stand for our quality, durability and reliability. Our keypads state their quality in any surface any environment. Our team of technical expertise utilizes all the latest equipment to ensure the customer gets the best product in right time.

we shall blend your requirements with current industry standards and your specification to produce your requirements.Before delivering each membrane Keypad is visually inspected and electrically tested for functionality .Flexible Membrane Keypads are manufactures using typical polyester that further results in enhanced life of around 2-5 million key strokes. We also provide Membrane Keypad with or without connectors as per the specifications. Customers are also eased with the accessibility of the Membrane Keypads at the most reasonable prices and within stipulated time frame.

Clean Room Assembly & Functional Testing:-

All Membrane Keypad assemblies are completed in a clean environment and a variety of sub panel materials including plastic,aluminum and stainless steel. We ensure customer satisfaction, and utilizing tested fine products.Materials are tested for durability, compatibility and proven suitable for use before being qualified for manufacturing.

ACS produces tactile and flat Membrane Keypad assemblies in an unlimited number of configurations, employing a wide variety of technologies specific to each custom application. Our Membrane Keypads are designed as per the latest technologies and industrial standards.

Membrane Keypad
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